Wade Nygaard 


Featured in Issue 1, on the cover in Issue 4 and a special cover for points leader in Issue 11.  Read his Q&A on the profile (sign up required to login).

Wade Nygaard's first time he hopped behind the wheel of a sprint car at age 15. It was during an afternoon practice at Buffalo River Race Park behind the wheel of his father, Eric’s, sprint car.

“I remember the very first corner thinking, ‘why can’t I keep this thing going straight? It just wants to keep going left,’” Nygaard said. “I think I made about 100 laps. It was a blast.”

Nygaard, who owns a lawn/landscaping business in Grand Forks called Bosh Enterprises, credits several people for his success. That includes his parents, his wife Amy, car owners and many sponsors, along with a strong pit crew.

“We’ve had really good car owners…and sponsors,” Nygaard said. “Mom and Dad for getting me started, and I learned a lot from my dad, just coaching wise. And all the crew guys – I’ve had some of the best crew guys.”

“When you have a good race, even if you’re racing for fifth and sixth, if you’re going back forth and back and forth, yeah, it’s a lot of fun,” Nygaard said.

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